Taking Personalized Medicine from Concept to Practice

Precise, simple, convenient and affordable molecular testing

Our mission is to develop and provide the tools and services that will contribute significantly to improvements in the outcomes of patient treatment and enable “precision medicine”

– Paul Kinnon, CEO, Transgenomic

Enabling Precision Medicine

MX-ICP enables better and more frequent testing
which results in better patient outcomes

Blood, not Biopsies

Allows for safe, low-cost, and routine monitoring in blood

Enhanced Sensitivity

>100-fold improvement across across all genetic testing platforms enables earlier cancer detection

Better and More Frequent Testing

More sequencing-based testing leads to increased and improved treatment with better decision making and less invasive testing

Learn More About MX-ICP Technology

Learn How We Can Provide the Genetic Testing Tools and Services to Meet Your Needs

MX-ICP Technology | Biomarker Discovery | Genetic Assays and Platforms | Patient Testing

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