Better Sensitivity and Accuracy for Mutation Detection

Our Exclusive Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP) Technology
Improved and Complete Enrichment CO-amplification at Lower Denaturation Temperature

The Science to Create Non-Invasive “Liquid Biopsies”

With Cancer there is typically limited DNA shedding from the tumor and circulating in blood.
MX-ICP provides the sensitivity and accuracy needed to detect mutations from blood samples
routinely, rapidly and simply for better patient outcomes.

The Oncology Clinical Challenge

Lack of actionable information for early, appropriate treatment
No convenient and accurate methodology for monitoring



  • Need to control the skyrocketing costs of cancer treatment
  • Personalized treatment
  • Need to monitor treatment effectiveness to improve patient response
  • More sensitive, accurate diagnostics
  • Need for earlier cancer detection for better outcomes
  • Non-invasive diagnostics

The Oncology (Patient) Treatment Problem

Inability to detect mutations simply and rapidly is
limiting improvements to patient outcome in the short-term



  • Current technology insufficient to manage cancer effectively
  • Quicker, more sensitive, accurate diagnostics
  • Tissue biopsies ~20% fail and are not accurate; plasma or blood cannot be used for testing
  • Sample source independent testing
  • Mutation change appear during course disease
  • Non-invasive diagnostics

The MX-ICP Solution

Enable clinically relevant known and unknown mutations rapidly without major costs or impact to current processes

Easily implemented into any laboratory

Enables more accurate diagnosis & patient outcomes

Platform Independent

DNA Mutation Detection Down to 0.01% with Quantification

How It Works

Our technology preferentially enriches mutant DNA sequences in an excess of wild-type DNA through selective amplification of the mutant DNA population using an oligonucleotide complementary to wild-type sequence (RS-oligo). This RS-oligo prevents PCR amplification of wild-type sequences while allowing amplification of DNA containing any mutation covered in the RS-oligo region.

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The MX-ICP Advantage

  • Enables detection of mutations with sensitivity in ranges necessary for non-invasive cancer testing by liquid biopsies

  • Enables detection of many mutations in a single assay

  • Improves detection when used in conjunction with all genetic testing methods

  • Enables detection of all known and unknown mutations

  • Works on any non-invasive biofluid including blood (cfDNA, CTCs), plasma, serum, urine, sputum, bronchial lavage

  • Works on any tissue including FFPE, FNAs, fresh/frozen

  • Implements easily in any laboratory

  • Compatible with all downstream instrumentation including Sanger, NGS, BEAMing, COBAS, HRM, DHPLC, DIgital PCR, and Pyro-