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View the latest presentation on Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP) for Detection of Low-Level Mutations in Any Liquid Biopsy Sample using Sanger Sequencing, NGS, or ddPCR by Katherine Richardson, Ph.D. V.P., Research & Development
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ICEme 5 Exon 8 Reaction Kit


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Product Description

ICEme Multiplex ICE COLD-PCR Mutation Enrichment Kit for 5 Exons and 24 reactions with positive control.

ICEme Kit, uses Transgenomic’s exclusive Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP) technology, for the enrichment of mutations in the key cancer-related genes BRAF, EGFR, KRAS, NRAS & PIK3CA that are routinely analyzed in research on Colorectal, NSCLC, Melanoma & Breast cancer.

ICEme Kit features and benefits include:

  • 100 – ≥500 fold improvement of mutation detection sensitivity of all sequencing platforms (Sanger, NGS, ddPCR etc.)
  • Improves level of mutation detection (LOD) down to 0.01% or 5 copies in 50,000 genomic equivalents
  • Non allele-specific method that amplifies ALL mutations in the region under investigation, while suppressing wild-type alleles.
  • Compatible with DNA isolated from any sample type including liquid biopsies (plasma, urine, CSF) and tissues (fresh, frozen, FFPE, FNAs).

The first release of the ICEme Kit gives you the choice of selecting from 17 Exons.


BRAF Exon 11 EGFR Exon 12 KRAS Exon 2 NRAS Exon 2 PIK3CA Exon 9
BRAF Exon 15 EGFR Exon 18 KRAS Exon 3 NRAS Exon 3 PIK3CA Exon 20
  EGFR Exon 19 KRAS Exon 4A NRAS Exon 4A  
  EGFR Exon 20 KRAS Exon 4B NRAS Exon 4B  
  EGFR Exon 21      


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