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Improve mutation detection sensitivity 100-500 fold on any sequencing platform

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100 – ≥500 fold improvement of mutation detection sensitivity of all sequencing platforms (Sanger, NGS, ddPCR etc.)

Improves level of mutation detection (LOD) down to 0.01% or 5 copies in 50,000 genomic equivalents.

Enables detection of low level mutations for stratification of sub-populations for research projects.

Mutation Enrichment

Non allele-specific method that amplifies ALL mutations in the region under investigation, while suppressing wild-type alleles.

Multiplexed and customizable – you choose exons relevant to your cancer research.

Sample Flexibility

Compatible with DNA isolated from any sample type including liquid biopsies (plasma, urine, CSF) and tissues (fresh, frozen, FFPE, FNAs).

Ability to use liquid samples routinely will accelerate your research projects.

Platform Independent

Platform independent enabling analysis on any sequencing platforms (Sanger, NGS, ddPCR etc.).

ICEme Kit easily implementable into current workflows.

ICEme Kit Simple Workflow

ICEme Kit uses a multiplexed PCR (MX PCR) reaction followed by multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP) mutation enrichment. The MX PCR products are ~ 200 bp in length; the MX-ICP products vary in length, but are all less than 200 bp. MX-ICP products are suitable for any currently used downstream sequence analysis platform (Sanger, NGS, ddPCR).

MX-ICP Technology Works on All Major Platforms Providing Up to a 500 Fold Increase in Mutation Detection

ICEme Kit – Choice of Exons

The first release of the ICEme Kits gives you the choice of selecting from 17 Exons and Transgenomic will be continually adding more Exon targets to this panel. The ICEme Kit is a non-allele specific method that will amplify all mutations in the region under investigation. The possible number of alterations detectable (data from COSMIC) by the different kits is shown in the table below.

Non Allele-specific Amplification of BRAF Exon 15

cfDNAs from 5 plasma samples representing 4 different patients were analyzed for mutations using the ICEme Kit for BRAF Exon 15. Different mutations in this region can be detected following a single MX-ICP assay as well as the determination of Wild-Type sequences. The original mutation in the tumor is also listed. The tumor sample mutational analyses were performed by an independent third party.

Improvement of Mutation Detection Using MX-ICP
for Multiple Mutations in a Single Patient
Sample and Monitoring Pre and Post Treatment

ICEme Multiplex ICE-COLD PCR Kit

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