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MX-ICP Oncology

Genetic Testing to Enable Precision Medicine

Definitive test results give you the confidence you need to make efficient and effective patient management decisions

Use the power of our genetic testing to increase awareness, optimize treatment strategies, and ensure safety

Identify risk

Determine whether an individual has an increased disease risk to create awareness and facilitate health, reproductive, and/or treatment decisions

Confirm diagnosis

Over 4000 diseases are caused by a single gene mutation, many of which may be difficult to accurately diagnose

Shorten time to treatment

With an early and accurate diagnosis, treatment can begin without delay

Ensure proper treatment

By classifying subtle genetic variations, optimal treatment can be prescribed

Optimize dosing

Knowing more about an individual’s unique genetic makeup can help to determine the most effective dosing and/or titration plan

We have a Staff of Dedicated Professionals

who provide the tools and resources that allow you to diagnose with confidence

  • Laboratory scientists extensively research variants of unknown significance (VUS) to ensure their significance is unknown

  • Genetic counselors who provide consultations to health care professionals on testing decisions, and results analysis and interpretation

  • Sanger Sequencing, Next Gen Sequencing, qPCR: TaqMan®, BLOCker Sequencing, High Density SNP Array, Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR (MX-ICP)