Transgenomic’s Comprehensive Suite of Technologies

Transgenomic leverages proprietary technology and molecular genetics expertise
to provide fully integrated molecular diagnostics solutions

Capabilities and Technologies

Transgenomic is uniquely qualified to meet your project needs
with the exclusive tools and experience necessary for rapid success

Gene sequencing

Sanger sequencing

Unbiased mutation scanning and detection

Sanger sequencing + SURVEYOR® nuclease

Mutation enrichment

Sanger sequencing + BLOCker sequencing
Sanger sequencing + BLOCker sequencing

Copy number variations, SNPs

High density SNP array

Custom targeted sequencing panels

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Ion Torrent

Micro RNA analysis

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Ion Torrent


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Ion Torrent

Custom gene panels with mutation pre-enrichment using ICP

NGS Ion Torrent + (ICP)

Expression and methylation analysis

TaqMan and Microfluidic capillary electrophoresis, bisulfite treatment

SNP genotyping


DNA and RNA from FFPE, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, CTCs and other bodily fluids

Multiple approaches to
nucleic acid isolations

The MX-ICP Solution

Enable clinically relevant known and unknown mutations rapidly without major costs or impact to current processes

More sensitive, accurate diagnostics

Sample source independent testing

Enables personalized treatment

Easily implemented into any laboratory

Enables more accurate diagnosis & patient outcomes

Platform Independent

Sanger, NGS, BEAMing, COBAS, HRM, DHPLC, DIgital PCR, and Pyro

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Who Can Benefit from Our Services and Technology?


Transgenomic will help you detect known and unknown genetic mutations in DNA isolated from blood, serum and other bodily fluids to advance your biomarker development program


If you need to enrich any type of sample for mutant DNA, then take advantage of our proprietary ICE COLD-PCR technology

Clinical Diagnostics

Detecting small amounts of mutant DNA in a liquid or tissue sample can be impossible unless you let our ICE COLD-PCR technology enable you to detect known and unknown mutations with unheard of sensitivity


Transgenomic has made the possibility of true “Liquid Biopsies” a reality for the oncology community with our groundbreaking ICE COLD-PCR

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